BPV31 - SUPCO Bullet Piercing Valve

BPV31 - SUPCO Bullet Piercing Valve
Item# BPV31

Product Description

SUPCO.S .Bullet® Piercing Valve. utilizes the same type of gasket found under the head plate of most air conditioning compressors. When installed, the gasket actually compresses the copper tubing .020" creating a "Permanent", leakproof seal that will withstand any pressure and temperature for the life of the unit.


. Install on the high side as a "Permanent" valve on the job

. The Bullet® Piercing Valve will not leak

. Install on round suction lines or uneven tubing


. Hex key wrench included . No additional tools required

. Nonpositional mounting . No adapter valve required

. Precision piercing needle is engineered for concentricity and hardness to insure perfect seating every time

. Patented valve gasket application provides 50 times more sealing area than competitive "O" ring types

. A sealing force of over 180 inch lbs., torque tested with 500 lbs., pressure tested at 250°F

. Requires only a 2" clearance area for installation and operation

. Provided with a corrosion resistant plated and lacquered finish.

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